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Kenichi Iwabuchi is an actor, director, writer and producer. He was boen in Tokyo. He is known for a leading role as Takashi in 'Interwoven', starring Mo'Nique, Academy Award winner ('Pricious'). He is also known for 'Tengu', directed, written, produceed and starred by himself and won the Best short film in the Los Angeles Thriller Film Festival. In 'Crimson Pledge' starring Hiroyuki Wataname, he was a writer. We can recognize him in several TV-CM such as Honda, Cheetos, Little Caesars in the US. Also he will be appeared in 'The Book of The Damned' as a leading role and 'Phase Q' as a writer-producer.

Teli Share

Teli established From The Earth Productions LLC in 2009; an independent film production company in the US. He has since begun writing, directing, and producing films for his own company while continuing his efforts on the discovery of cinema art. The company has produced a variety of media including commercials, corporate videos, music videos, short films, and feature films.
Teli aspires to perfect his craft and become an example for others. His message is to trust one's self and never slack off from the genuine effort.

Sonny P. Louis

I am an independent filmmaker. I own a small production (M.I.H PICTURES, LLC) where we create original ideas, concepts and develop them into full feature scripts. We also help others visualize their visions. If you can think it, we can film it. What is your vision? 
Let's Make It Happen!

Joel Smith

Colorist / Editor. Passionate about filmmaking and its infinite aspects. From casting to distribution, every decision matters. Istrive to make the best product possible and work with the team to make the best show I can.


A Japanese producer and film maker. In 2007 he found REIZ INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd. He has picked many talented directors and produced variety films, dramas and DVDs in a row. These films were released in Japan, America, Canada, Germany, British, Taiwan and Koria. He is also knownn for a dirctor in Crimson Pledge. He is an excective producer for TV series The Catastrophic Roar in 2018 as well as original idea. He is making another series of The Catastrophic Roar.

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